What is GKE?🤔

What is WordPress?🤔



What is VPC?


Create a VPC network and VM instances

  1. In the Console, navigate to Navigation menu< VPC network < VPC networks, and then click Create VPC network.
  2. Set the Name to developvpc for develop-1808 and productvpc for product-1808.
  3. For Firewall rules, check all available rules. (These are the same standard firewall rules that the default network had) and the IP should be .
  4. Now create Subnet creation mode.
  5. Click Create, then wait for mynetwork to be created. (Notice that a subnet was created for each region)
  6. Record the IP address range for the subnets.



kubectl create deployment abhi --image=wordpress
kubectl expose deployment abhi --type=LoadBalancer --port=80
kubectl get all

👉Step-5 & Step-6




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